“Kristen has helped me regain balance in my life and figure out where healthy boundaries are. I now know when a relationship is a good one. I love the fact that I can still be kind to others while making wiser decisions as to who to keep close in my life. Now I have time and energy for me and my husband without feeling guilty, and we can actually enjoy our life together.”

“I appreciated Kristen’s candor at the first meeting as she described her counseling approach and what to expect. I was not familiar with it as I had used cognitive behavioral therapy in in the past but quickly realized that her methods deal with root issues and produce lasting change when implemented. She provides a safe place to express any and all emotions, thoughts and needs. She encourages and pushes but always respects her client and their choices. More than anything, she empowered me to realize I that I knew how to take of myself – she connected the dots, so to speak, that I couldn’t see at first. She allowed me to access areas of hurt and pain that were affecting current relationships and see why I reacted the way I did in certain situations. I was finally able to get to the real need of the matter and see it clearly for what it was, accept my responsibility in it and release the others. Real freedom has been attained!”

“Kristen Machado is not only the best therapist I have ever had, but one of the most kind hearted and gentle souls I have ever met. She takes the time to listen, know you, and know and understand your struggles. She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist in the Charleston area!”

“Two words…life changing. If you’re struggling, do yourself a solid, call and get an appointment. Definitely the best counseling experience I’ve ever had.”

“Kristen is a disciplined listener, has a nurturing way that made me feel safe, and allows her clients to determine their pace for healing. She reflects and interjects on a limited basis and withholds judgement – ultimately showing respect for her patients and what they’re going through. I felt like she was holding my hand through the painful process of healing and that’s what I needed. If you want the best, the safest, see Kristen.”

“Kristen offers a path to healing that can be life changing if you are willing to be vulnerable and desire change enough to stick with it. It is not easy, but so worth it!”