Who I Help

Kristen specializes is helping individual adults expressing stress and/or sadness. Many of her clients are those who are worn out and tired from being strong for others but have lost themselves along the way. Some are going through relationship endings due to breakups, divorces, or the passing of a loved one and need a place to grieve the losses and find their way back again. Others are burdened by choices they regret and use their time with Kristen to be honest about what is really going on inside of themselves, looking to find a new path or one they can be open about.

Overall, most clients are simply looking for a safe place to make sense of the pain they feel and find new ways to feel about themselves and interact with others. Most are looking for ways to change their patterns and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Regardless of the reason a client decides to work with Kristen, she and her clients create a healing, professional relationship together that is unique to each person. Within the safety of the relationship, her clients process their pain and heartache. They express how they feel as Kristen guides the conversation toward opportunities that allow for healing and transformation. Kristen does a lot of listening to her clients share their stories, and her questions and statements are limited because each word and action Kristen offers is purposeful to allow for a powerful and effective healing process.

Most clients meet with Kristen on a weekly basis, a cadence that allows for good momentum to create steady progress. Many find they are ready to “graduate” from sessions after 5-8 months and might only see Kristen for a check in every once in awhile. However, some see Kristen for years to maintain a consistent space for emotional/relational growth.

Here are some words from a few clients:

“Two words…life changing. If you’re struggling, do yourself a solid, call and get an appointment. Definitely the best counseling experience I’ve ever had.” -written to Kristen’s business Facebook Page

“Kristen Machado is not only the best therapist I have ever had, but one of the most kind hearted and gentle souls I have ever met. She takes the time to listen, know you, and know and understand your struggles. She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist in the Charleston area!”

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Take a look at the video below of Kristen Groos talking about the people she helps.